I feel really lucky to still be friends with this guy. I dated him and hurt him, one of the worst feelings ever. And four years later we can still talk like a day hasn’t passed. He’s one of the easiest guys to talk to and I’m thankful for that. Tonight I was feeling down and I told him everything and I actually feel a lot better now. People say that you can’t be friends with an ex but I disagree. We are friends, we’ve both moved on but we can still talk to each other. I’m truly thankful to have a friend like him in my life.

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I constantly see that my friends get emotionally hurt and even physically hurt by people they “like” or “love”, and it makes me sad to see things like this happen to such great people.  All I want to do is tell them they deserve better, and they should forget about them but then I wonder why they don’t just leave.  I know it’s not easy to move one, because we always think they may be “the one” but the truth is that if they were “the one” they would NEVER hurt you.  You are all so much better off with out them.  I was in the same position and it was the hardest thing to deal with but until you learn to move on you won’t be able to find that person is “the one” and I just wish you’d realize this.  I know when we are in relationships we don’t always realize how often we you fight with that person you make think you never fight, but then ask a friend and they will tell you differently.  I constantly here my friends saying “we never fight” but then why is it every time I talk to you I here about another fight you got in or just another thing they did to upset you.  I wish you guys would realize this and I wish I could help you, I been through it and it’s not easy but I really wish I could do something about it.

Love, a concerned friend <3

that person

I’m that person you haven’t talked to in a while, but when something is bothering you or your past comes back to haunt you, I’m the one here for you till the end. I’m the one that no matter how many fights we get in and no matter how frustrated you can make me, I will always be the one here for you through anything. I’m the friend you could go months not talking to but as soon as you do it seems like we never stopped. I will always be that person.