I miss dancing. Especially pointe.

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Throw back Thursday! My senior pictures. Some of the things I love. Dance and sports. My life. #2010 #seniorpictures #tbt #throwbackthursday #dance #pointe #ballet #passion #baseball #football #oaklandas #oaklandathletics #athletics #oaklandraiders #raiders #raidernation #oaklandteams #love

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Hella old. Lol #throwbackthursday #tbt #dance #tap #old

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I want to get a tattoo on my foot like this with two pointe shoes at then end like that. (it is a bad drawing I know lol)

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Dance was always my escape, it was my distraction that made me forget everything else. I used to dance 5 days a week, so when I had a bad day I always knew I’d have dance later on to make me forget and bring my mood up. Now that I don’t dance so much, I realize how much I miss it. Dance has always been my life, my passion, and my emotion. I may not have been the best dancer, but I danced because it is the one consistant thing I have always loved and kept me happy. It’s times like these, when I have a bad night or day, that I realize how much I miss dancing everyday. Dance has always been the thing that kept me going, it was my light at the end of a dark tunnel. All I want to do is dance, not for anyones appreciation but my own, because it has shaped me in to the person I am now.