That fun moment when you’re more excited for Disneyland than all the little kids you see. Lol woo hoo! #disneyland #birthday #tram #excited #littlekid (at Mickey & Friends Tram)

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Leaving for Disneyland tonight I just barely started packing. Procrastination at it’s finest.

But omg I am so excited! I get to go to the happiest place on earth! But it’s a little sad, this will be my first time going in a while when I didn’t have my anual pass which means so beautiful discounts. Lol but it will still be completely worth it.

Now time to download some disney music to listen to on the drive down to get in the Disney mood! Woo hoo!

is it thursday yet?

So I would really really like it to be Thursday for the following reasons:

1 My weekend begins thursday night.

2 It’s my birthday!

3 I get to see my amazing boyfriend, possibly for the the last time before he gets deployed. (hoping to see him again though)

4 I get to go to Disneyland on Friday!

5 So my amazing weekend can be amazing!

Yes these are my reasons! Lol I want Thursday to be here so I can have another amazing weekend with my love <3